Geek Bar s600Puff Disposable Vape

The newest product in the Geek Bar line, the Geek Bar E600 Disposable Vape by Geek Vape, comes in 20 extraordinary flavours and 20 eye-catching gradient body styles. The E600 Geek bar has a large 400 mah battery that is ready to use right away and can power up to geek bar s600 puffs.It is inhale activated. The E600 device's exterior has a rubbery feel to it, making it comfortable to grasp. It also features a transparent mouthpiece, is compact and portable, and has a rubberized exterior.

The disposable vape pen called the Geek Bar E600 by Geek Vape includes 2ml of prefilled 20mg Nicotine content is TPD Compliant nicotine salt e-liquid contains 50% vegetable glycerin and 50% propylene glycol. The E600 offers a great geekbar disposableexperience and is the ideal Mouth to Lung device. The E600 features transverse heating coils for a more stable and uniform flavour from beginning to end, which results in a new and enhanced design for the device.

Geek bar disposable s600

A variety of e-liquid flavours are available for the disposable E600 Geek Bar vapes (20 mouth-watering flavours. One of the numerous benefits of using electronic cigarettes over traditional ones is the wide variety of e-juice and e-liquid flavours available to blue geek bar.We have the best selection of quality e-liquid flavours to meet your vaping needs, whether you have a sweet appetite and prefer the thought of a rich and opulent chocolate-tasting vape liquid or you are more of a fruity person and prefer the sound of a more exotic type of e-liquid.

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The Geek Vape Geek Bar is perfect for use on days out when bringing a larger device is impractical because there is no e-liquid to refill or batteries to charge. To maximize flavour production, the integrated coil is encircled with organic cotton. Depending on usage, the integrated coil can last up to 575 puffs before a replacement device is required on the list.

The GeekVape Bar is finally available in a selection of 15 flavours to suit every taste, including Blueberry Ice, Menthol, Sweet Strawberry, Sour Apple, and Menthol. The Geek Vape Bar is a convenient way for current vapers to experience a variety of delectable nic salt flavours. Smokers who want to switch to vaping would find it excellent to try it as an entrance device.